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7 Websites That Offer Free Courses UK

They say the best investment you will ever make is the investment in yourself.

But not everyone has the money to pay for expensive training courses to learn about their desired subject.

Fortunately, there are tonnes of free resources out there to get you started - and some offer qualifications and certificates too!



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Here are a few places you can find free courses online UK:

The Open University Free Courses

The OU offers a huge range of free courses on a number of subjects such as health, education, history, arts, business, environment, technology, politics, and much more.

The great thing about the OU courses is that you get a certificate of participation when you complete them which looks great when applying for jobs.

Some courses also offer the opportunity to earn badges by completing an assessment at the end.

Reed currently has 190 free courses available in a wide range of subjects.

Some are mainly just informational courses, but some come with level 2 qualifications/certificates.

Learning Curve

Mainly focused on the health and social care and business sectors, Learning Curve offer a number of courses that also come with level 2 qualifications.

They do have a wide range of other courses that aren't guaranteed to be free but you can apply for funding.

Future Learn

Not strictly free, although you don't pay for the courses individually.

There are many courses on this site available with their Unlimited subscription which is currently £19.99/month at the time of writing.

If you do lots of courses, this is a great option as the more courses you do, the better value it is. Plus the monthly fee should motivate you to finish the courses and complete as many as you can.


Thousands of free courses are available at Alison.

Filter by subject, duration, or difficulty level. Subjects include engineering, management, science, programming, marketing, business, and more.

Again, some are available as diplomas which will be awarded if assessments are completed to a good enough standard.


Coursera offers courses produced by some top universities in the US - there are plenty of free ones to choose from.


Anyone can create a course on Udemy which means these are mainly information-only courses (no qualifications), however, the subjects are often much more specific so you can find a course on the exact subject that you want, rather than general qualifications.

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